Saskia is an author-illustrator who graduated from Cambridge School of Art’s MA in Children’s Book Illustration in 2016, many moons after completing her BA in Literature. She now spends her time doodling and people watching on the southern coast of France, after having left her damp home town of London in 2008 (originally for icy Norway).

Saskia enjoys playing with lino, stencils, sponges, pencils, acrylic paint, risography, mono-prints, watercolours and anything that involves medical-grade scalpels. She is a fan of: birdsong; beautiful, dark, poignant, yet funny picture books; teal and other almost-green-blues; and discovering a new pen/pencil/ink/paint/print technique/picture book/illustrator to stalk, etc.
She loves all manner of print-making as she loves the fact it distracts her brain from being self-conscious, as well as its unpredictability and potential for messiness.

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Saskia’s author-illustrator debut, ‘Pete’s Surprise Party’, is coming out in 2019 with Dolphin Media.

‘Why Should I?’ was shortlisted for David Fickling’s Master of the Inkpot in 2015 and the ‘Mother Goose’ illustration received an Honourable Mention in 3×3 Illustration Magazine in 2016.  Saskia has participated in group exhibitions at the Curwen gallery in London (Macmillan exhibition), the Michaelhouse Centre in Cambridge, the IMAGEN PALABRA 7 in Bogota, Columbia, as well as the two exhibitions in London and Cambridge that marked the end of her MA. She accepts commissions of all shapes and sizes.

You can find more of Saskia’s work on twitter: @HamptonSaskia or feel free to contact Saskia about anything at